August 2008

i think it has been just about a year since i posted the news of the refridgerator i brought down and put outside the cottage.  (no room inside!).  at that time, my friend erv built a platform for it before we brought it down.  and, a couple months ago (maybe?) he came over and built the back wall for the enclosure.  i just hadn’t found the extra cash to purchase the needed studs, but he found enough scrap to do the  back.

well, yesterday i decided it was time!  thanks to the recent classes i had enough to purchase the studs and he put the side frame together.  now we’ve decided to also build a front wall, so it’s not so obvious there is a refridgerator sitting outside my house.  that means i must go buy some more studs, but i’m ok with that!  besides hiding the fridge – it will keep the platform area dry, and that’s a good thing.  and i can also hide the recycling bin in there.  all good.

so here’s an exciting picture of the frame in place. ^_^

wow, i’ll bet you can hardly wait to see the finished product! ^_^  and that’s my not so fancy but highly effective fountain on the right.  just a half-barrell with a pot in the middle and a really classy (tube-type) icing applicator ‘nozzle’ on the end of the 1/2″ plastic tube (which makes the water arch up into the air instead of just rolling down the outside of the tube – thus creating that wonderful sound)  hey, it works.  maybe someday i will go to a garden store and see if i can find something nice.  in the meantime – i just totally enjoy the lovely sounds! ^_^

and this is perhaps the final picture of that giant thistle plant.  it has spread its seeds from here to who knows where.  lovely little fairy-like things – like the ones that come out of the milkweeds.  i know i am going to have a gazillion little plants to dig up in the spring!  so, am planning to end that soon – will need some gloves and long handled prongs, or something. ??  another adventure. ^_^

as you can tell, the mound garden is in the waning days of summer – not much still blooming.  a few black eyed susan’s and the elephant ear that i thought had died last winter.  no, it’s not ‘blooming’,  just growing and looking very healthy.  while i’m not real fond of these 100 degree days, i’m also not looking forward to the short days and long dark nights.  and life goes on. ^_^

love and beauty

another d-day as i’m on my way to ft. bragg to teach a class tomorrow.   there are 16 people registered, so should be a good class.  somehow they never all show up – life does have a way of rearranging plans, doesn’t it?

i am pretty much ready – just need to get all the tubs back into the van and pack some clothes.  won’t be taking sophie – will be staying in someone’s home.  too expensive to drive the rv.  that really does annoy me!  i don’t plan to return until sunday.  it’s a 5 hour drive – there’s just no good reason to get on the road after teaching all day.  not like there’s anyone waiting – ok, sophie, but she will just have to tough it out a few more hours.

no rachel for me today.  when i went up there just a bit ago, found out she can’t go to school today.  candace found lice in her hair last night.  common problem at that school!  brittany was the worst case we had – happened a lot!  well, now that i recall, it also happened before they moved up here – so not just this school.  not sure what she did yesterday, but she had a small braid when i dropped her off and it was ‘gone’ when i picked her up.  perhaps she and a friend redid their hair?? makes my head itch just to think about it. ^_^

ok, that’s about it for today.  i will take the camera and see if i can get a picture or two to share.  at least i will be cool.  temps going back up around here, it seems.

love and beauty

where ARE these days going?  i know mine have gotten a lot shorter with the new interruption(s) of taking and retrieving rachel from school.  i’m still adjusting, to say the least.  as is she – poor baby.  big, big adjustment, that first step away from mom.  she was doing really well last week – but mom did both on wed, and also picked her up on friday.  this morning it was beginning to really sink in, i think.  she was crying when i went up – wanted mom & dad to take her to school.  they, however, leave at 7:15 (or so) and school does not start until 8:45.  yes, there is that extended program option – but, costs money.  something just a little tight around here right now.  she was ok by the time we left.  and so it goes – this growing up stuff.

i am on the laptop as the desktop is in the process of some forever kind of update.   good grief!  it all began because i received an email with an attachment saved with the latest version of word.  my desktop is of the 2000 era – so, couldn’t open it.  and i really want it!!  it is the vendor application for the big show in albuquerque in 2009!!  was really excited to get it.  soooo, tried to download it, with no luck.  then decided to do the ms download that should allow me to do that.  but, then had to update in general before i could do that!  and here i am – waiting and waiting.  am now going to see if i can hook this laptop to the printer as i was able to open the file with this one.  my printer is ancient, so not sure how that’s going to work.  yes, computers are wireless, but not the printer.  have the hardware, just haven’t attempted it.  i know how that kind of project goes!  hours can turn into days as you wade thru all the little quirks.  i, personally, have to be in the right frame of mind – like either desparate or fed up. ^_^

i did send the picture from my phone and now have it on here.  will see if i can insert it.  not sure how big it is.

  well, there you have it.  this is at the little car show on main street in martinez.  obviously these are the “jeepers”.  there were also old cars that had been restored – i think maybe 1940 was the oldest?  etc.  you car buffs know what i mean. ^_^

good news – there are 16 people registered in the class in ft. bragg. yea!!  so, i leave here around noon friday to head up there.  class all day saturday and i will head back sunday morning.  it’s a 5 hour drive, so no need to kill myself driving after teaching all day.  will be staying at someone’s home, so not a matter of expense.  i will try to remember to take the camera and see what i can find to share with ya’ll! ^_^

love and beauty

just a quick report on a very successful class!  i took a couple of cool pictures, but had to use my phone – haven’t sent them to myself yet – so not sure if they will be useable.  perhaps they will turn out too dark.  i’ll give it a shot tomorrow.  there was a fun car show of sorts happening on the main street on friday night.  the shop owner and her husband participate in organizing it – each week – so when i went down there i got to hang out with all of them.  it was fun.

susie and paul are very nice and their house is great.  i was also treated to breakfast out – a real luxury.  then the class, at 10 a.m.  had 13 people and they all left smiling.  guess i got my job done.  they also bought a fair amount, so i came home smiling as well. ^_^  life is good.

love and beauty

well, today i am being entertained by the disney channel as i am typing. ^_^  decided to spend the time before school down here so i could do computer stuff before we leave and thus save myself some valuable time when i get back.  so, we are just now watching “little einstein” (hmm, not even sure if i spelled that right ^_^)  anyway, interesting program.  i’ve been leading a pretty sheltered life, i guess. ^_^  mozart this morning.  perfect – the friendship song.  i was a little confused about the time yesterday – now i see, they have the disney programs end before the 30 min time, that way, we can still watch the end and not be late.  brilliant.  ^_^

and speaking of that, it’s nearly time.  sooo, off we go.  i’m on the laptop so the tv is in full view without me in the way using the desktop.  no new pics on here, sorry.  just the news that i’ll be leaving here this afternoon – to pick up rachel, deliver her to jackson and then head onto martinez for my class tomorrow.  soooo, have some work to do when i get back from school!  not a lot, just a few details left plus finding some clothes to wear.  that’s the hardest part!!

ok, off we go.  love and beauty.

life’s going to be a little different for me for a few months.  rachel began kindergarten yesterday and until candace gets the daycare up and running and can stay home – well, i’ll be doing the transporting to and from.  rachel not willing to take the bus.  too much at once, i guess.  maybe she will get braver as the year goes on.

what it means for me is i have to be a little more organized with regard to when and how, etc – in order to make sure i still get stuff done!  realizing how ‘casual’ i had become!  going to requie a little adjusting on my part. ^_^

the other news is that tom and candace got married last week!  in reno while they were gone for the toyota thing.  on 08/08/08!  as tom said – one way to help him remember!  she definitely wanted a private, no fuss deal – so that’s that.  i’m still happy about it.  sure it’s a good thing.  finally!

ok, guess i’d best get to it here.  don’t have unlimited time anymore.  must leave at 2:30 to pick up rachel and it’s nearly noon already! (still adjusting!!)

oh, here’s a picture of a new kit – totally new colors for this one.

 just wanted to give you something to look at. ^_^

love and beauty

been awhile since i posted anything.  mostly i’ve just been on the road – or resting up from same.  have a few days here before i leave again on friday, for a class in martinez.  i’ll be at Main Street Quilts  533 Main St. – in case you are itchin’ to learn all about needle turn applique’. ^_^  give susie a call @ 925-372-3700.

the class yesterday for the sutter creek guild was very successful.  at least everyone seemed quite happy with what they had learned.  and i even sold more stuff!!  amazing.

one bit of ‘bad’ news this week – had to move the rv out from the covered storage.  am kinda sick about that.  the sun here is so wicked hot it just fries everything.  so now, it’s sitting out in it!  plus, when i go away – the van will also be sitting in the sun.  damn!  (sorry, but i’m really really upset about it).

other than that – life has been pretty good.  staying one step ahead of (all other) bill collectors.  it’s good that i have two more classes this month – that will help as i don’t have a show until end of sept.  and that being my own guild show, not so sure i’ll do all that well.  it will just be very easy to do – at fairgrounds which are no more than 5 min from here.  then comes october and that will be my final hurrah for the year – with piqf and then houston!  i’ll be gone for about 3 weeks – can hardly count the one day i’ll be home after piqf before i begin the long drive to houston!!

i nearly caught a picture of the deer twins last week, but, of course the camera battery was dead!  been happening a lot to me.  too many new fangled gadgets to take care of!!! ^_^

ok, just checked to see if i had gotten anything – and i did.  i have lightened it so you can see the deer, it was just getting light out there.  this was taken out the bedroom window, the one over the bed that is also the ‘cat door’.  just shows how close they come.  someone in the class yesterday said her husband was home building a gate on their deck as the deer had come up the stairs onto it and munched all her flowers to nubs.  they get really hungry this time of year.  they don’t eat grass, just other green stuff – and there’s not much around that’s to their liking.

love and beauty