been awhile since i posted anything.  mostly i’ve just been on the road – or resting up from same.  have a few days here before i leave again on friday, for a class in martinez.  i’ll be at Main Street Quilts  533 Main St. – in case you are itchin’ to learn all about needle turn applique’. ^_^  give susie a call @ 925-372-3700.

the class yesterday for the sutter creek guild was very successful.  at least everyone seemed quite happy with what they had learned.  and i even sold more stuff!!  amazing.

one bit of ‘bad’ news this week – had to move the rv out from the covered storage.  am kinda sick about that.  the sun here is so wicked hot it just fries everything.  so now, it’s sitting out in it!  plus, when i go away – the van will also be sitting in the sun.  damn!  (sorry, but i’m really really upset about it).

other than that – life has been pretty good.  staying one step ahead of (all other) bill collectors.  it’s good that i have two more classes this month – that will help as i don’t have a show until end of sept.  and that being my own guild show, not so sure i’ll do all that well.  it will just be very easy to do – at fairgrounds which are no more than 5 min from here.  then comes october and that will be my final hurrah for the year – with piqf and then houston!  i’ll be gone for about 3 weeks – can hardly count the one day i’ll be home after piqf before i begin the long drive to houston!!

i nearly caught a picture of the deer twins last week, but, of course the camera battery was dead!  been happening a lot to me.  too many new fangled gadgets to take care of!!! ^_^

ok, just checked to see if i had gotten anything – and i did.  i have lightened it so you can see the deer, it was just getting light out there.  this was taken out the bedroom window, the one over the bed that is also the ‘cat door’.  just shows how close they come.  someone in the class yesterday said her husband was home building a gate on their deck as the deer had come up the stairs onto it and munched all her flowers to nubs.  they get really hungry this time of year.  they don’t eat grass, just other green stuff – and there’s not much around that’s to their liking.

love and beauty