life’s going to be a little different for me for a few months.  rachel began kindergarten yesterday and until candace gets the daycare up and running and can stay home – well, i’ll be doing the transporting to and from.  rachel not willing to take the bus.  too much at once, i guess.  maybe she will get braver as the year goes on.

what it means for me is i have to be a little more organized with regard to when and how, etc – in order to make sure i still get stuff done!  realizing how ‘casual’ i had become!  going to requie a little adjusting on my part. ^_^

the other news is that tom and candace got married last week!  in reno while they were gone for the toyota thing.  on 08/08/08!  as tom said – one way to help him remember!  she definitely wanted a private, no fuss deal – so that’s that.  i’m still happy about it.  sure it’s a good thing.  finally!

ok, guess i’d best get to it here.  don’t have unlimited time anymore.  must leave at 2:30 to pick up rachel and it’s nearly noon already! (still adjusting!!)

oh, here’s a picture of a new kit – totally new colors for this one.

 just wanted to give you something to look at. ^_^

love and beauty