well, today i am being entertained by the disney channel as i am typing. ^_^  decided to spend the time before school down here so i could do computer stuff before we leave and thus save myself some valuable time when i get back.  so, we are just now watching “little einstein” (hmm, not even sure if i spelled that right ^_^)  anyway, interesting program.  i’ve been leading a pretty sheltered life, i guess. ^_^  mozart this morning.  perfect – the friendship song.  i was a little confused about the time yesterday – now i see, they have the disney programs end before the 30 min time, that way, we can still watch the end and not be late.  brilliant.  ^_^

and speaking of that, it’s nearly time.  sooo, off we go.  i’m on the laptop so the tv is in full view without me in the way using the desktop.  no new pics on here, sorry.  just the news that i’ll be leaving here this afternoon – to pick up rachel, deliver her to jackson and then head onto martinez for my class tomorrow.  soooo, have some work to do when i get back from school!  not a lot, just a few details left plus finding some clothes to wear.  that’s the hardest part!!

ok, off we go.  love and beauty.   www.artfullyapplique.com