just a quick report on a very successful class!  i took a couple of cool pictures, but had to use my phone – haven’t sent them to myself yet – so not sure if they will be useable.  perhaps they will turn out too dark.  i’ll give it a shot tomorrow.  there was a fun car show of sorts happening on the main street on friday night.  the shop owner and her husband participate in organizing it – each week – so when i went down there i got to hang out with all of them.  it was fun.

susie and paul are very nice and their house is great.  i was also treated to breakfast out – a real luxury.  then the class, at 10 a.m.  had 13 people and they all left smiling.  guess i got my job done.  they also bought a fair amount, so i came home smiling as well. ^_^  life is good.

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