where ARE these days going?  i know mine have gotten a lot shorter with the new interruption(s) of taking and retrieving rachel from school.  i’m still adjusting, to say the least.  as is she – poor baby.  big, big adjustment, that first step away from mom.  she was doing really well last week – but mom did both on wed, and also picked her up on friday.  this morning it was beginning to really sink in, i think.  she was crying when i went up – wanted mom & dad to take her to school.  they, however, leave at 7:15 (or so) and school does not start until 8:45.  yes, there is that extended program option – but, costs money.  something just a little tight around here right now.  she was ok by the time we left.  and so it goes – this growing up stuff.

i am on the laptop as the desktop is in the process of some forever kind of update.   good grief!  it all began because i received an email with an attachment saved with the latest version of word.  my desktop is of the 2000 era – so, couldn’t open it.  and i really want it!!  it is the vendor application for the big show in albuquerque in 2009!!  was really excited to get it.  soooo, tried to download it, with no luck.  then decided to do the ms download that should allow me to do that.  but, then had to update in general before i could do that!  and here i am – waiting and waiting.  am now going to see if i can hook this laptop to the printer as i was able to open the file with this one.  my printer is ancient, so not sure how that’s going to work.  yes, computers are wireless, but not the printer.  have the hardware, just haven’t attempted it.  i know how that kind of project goes!  hours can turn into days as you wade thru all the little quirks.  i, personally, have to be in the right frame of mind – like either desparate or fed up. ^_^

i did send the picture from my phone and now have it on here.  will see if i can insert it.  not sure how big it is.

  well, there you have it.  this is at the little car show on main street in martinez.  obviously these are the “jeepers”.  there were also old cars that had been restored – i think maybe 1940 was the oldest?  etc.  you car buffs know what i mean. ^_^

good news – there are 16 people registered in the class in ft. bragg. yea!!  so, i leave here around noon friday to head up there.  class all day saturday and i will head back sunday morning.  it’s a 5 hour drive, so no need to kill myself driving after teaching all day.  will be staying at someone’s home, so not a matter of expense.  i will try to remember to take the camera and see what i can find to share with ya’ll! ^_^

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