another d-day as i’m on my way to ft. bragg to teach a class tomorrow.   there are 16 people registered, so should be a good class.  somehow they never all show up – life does have a way of rearranging plans, doesn’t it?

i am pretty much ready – just need to get all the tubs back into the van and pack some clothes.  won’t be taking sophie – will be staying in someone’s home.  too expensive to drive the rv.  that really does annoy me!  i don’t plan to return until sunday.  it’s a 5 hour drive – there’s just no good reason to get on the road after teaching all day.  not like there’s anyone waiting – ok, sophie, but she will just have to tough it out a few more hours.

no rachel for me today.  when i went up there just a bit ago, found out she can’t go to school today.  candace found lice in her hair last night.  common problem at that school!  brittany was the worst case we had – happened a lot!  well, now that i recall, it also happened before they moved up here – so not just this school.  not sure what she did yesterday, but she had a small braid when i dropped her off and it was ‘gone’ when i picked her up.  perhaps she and a friend redid their hair?? makes my head itch just to think about it. ^_^

ok, that’s about it for today.  i will take the camera and see if i can get a picture or two to share.  at least i will be cool.  temps going back up around here, it seems.

love and beauty