i think it has been just about a year since i posted the news of the refridgerator i brought down and put outside the cottage.  (no room inside!).  at that time, my friend erv built a platform for it before we brought it down.  and, a couple months ago (maybe?) he came over and built the back wall for the enclosure.  i just hadn’t found the extra cash to purchase the needed studs, but he found enough scrap to do the  back.

well, yesterday i decided it was time!  thanks to the recent classes i had enough to purchase the studs and he put the side frame together.  now we’ve decided to also build a front wall, so it’s not so obvious there is a refridgerator sitting outside my house.  that means i must go buy some more studs, but i’m ok with that!  besides hiding the fridge – it will keep the platform area dry, and that’s a good thing.  and i can also hide the recycling bin in there.  all good.

so here’s an exciting picture of the frame in place. ^_^

wow, i’ll bet you can hardly wait to see the finished product! ^_^  and that’s my not so fancy but highly effective fountain on the right.  just a half-barrell with a pot in the middle and a really classy (tube-type) icing applicator ‘nozzle’ on the end of the 1/2″ plastic tube (which makes the water arch up into the air instead of just rolling down the outside of the tube – thus creating that wonderful sound)  hey, it works.  maybe someday i will go to a garden store and see if i can find something nice.  in the meantime – i just totally enjoy the lovely sounds! ^_^

and this is perhaps the final picture of that giant thistle plant.  it has spread its seeds from here to who knows where.  lovely little fairy-like things – like the ones that come out of the milkweeds.  i know i am going to have a gazillion little plants to dig up in the spring!  so, am planning to end that soon – will need some gloves and long handled prongs, or something. ??  another adventure. ^_^

as you can tell, the mound garden is in the waning days of summer – not much still blooming.  a few black eyed susan’s and the elephant ear that i thought had died last winter.  no, it’s not ‘blooming’,  just growing and looking very healthy.  while i’m not real fond of these 100 degree days, i’m also not looking forward to the short days and long dark nights.  and life goes on. ^_^

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