not even sure exactly what day i did write last.  sometimes i just get out of the mood to talk with anyone – even when it seems pretty one-way. 

 attempting to tough it out here between meaningful income.  not much happening this month and then all ‘you know what’ breaks loose next month.  that is – if i get those balances paid.  going to be a challenge.  still, somehow, it always works out.

had a lovely day at the beach yesterday.  no, not your typical “ideal’, fun in the sun.  it was somewhat foggy – mostly a high fog and light.  we went to the beach where you can stay in your car and still be right there looking at the waves.  and that one does usually have high waves.  it looked like it was going to be one of those major wind days – when you feel like you’re being sandblasted if you venture out.  and the car rocks while you sit safely inside.  however, it wasn’t at all windy.  and even tho it had been chilly inland, it wasn’t any worse there.  AND – we were treated to whales and seals!  must have been a school of unlucky fish cause they stayed right where we had parked and we got to see them surface several (many) times over the course of at least 30 minutes.  not that they were all that close to shore.  the whales were pretty far out.  seals were closer.  of course i didn’t have my camera – not that you could have seen them all that well anyway.  still, if was fun for us (brother and i).  did get some pics of a handsome gull – on my cell, so need to send them to me before i can post here.  another day.

we had a great sushi dinner (appropriate, don’t ya think) before i made the long drive home.  it’s a full day when i go over and back in one. (2 hrs each way – with therapy session and ‘family’ visiting inbetween).  my wagon’s a draggin a little today.  trying to finish the sample for the new class – the followup or ‘advanced’ class.  ’twill be the first time i teach it (on the 18th)  sure hope it goes well.  at main street quilts in martinez.

ok, time to rustle up some dinner, as they say.  attempting to eat low fat, so turned down offer from tom of burger or brat, etc.  i just can no longer ignore the fat i am carrying on this poor old body!!! ^_^

love and beauty