well, it was definitely a challenge, but i finished the new class sample.  not sure why i was so resistent to working on it.  i will admit is isn’t an easy piece, and it’s not like it’s a new design i’m going to sell a bunch of.  however, those classes do make me some decent money – not to mention i love teaching.  still, had to slog my way thru it.

as you can see – it is truly not a ‘real’ design.  however, it does contain all the elements found in my real designs.  this class is not for the beginner.  it is a true followup for my first class and intended for those smitten with the needleturn applique bug! – those hungry for all the tips and tricks they can find.

if you have seen my designs, you can recognize what i decided to use.  i think it will work quite nicely for what it is intended – a learning tool and practice piece!  my only concern right now is exactly how to ‘teach’ it and how much time do i need.  this first class is an evening class and thus only 3 hours.  we shall see!

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