back to martinez i go today – to teach the long awaited advanced class.  am excited and a little nervous.  have only 3 hours this evening, from 6 – 9, and not sure enough time.  will give it my best shot.  and here’s the picture of the class pattern.

once again, not something intended for your livingroom wall.  does have elements from my real designs, and thus, is a training tool for preparing yourself for doing one of those – or anyone else’s designs.  yes, the flower on the right is a little ‘stiff’ – however, i needed to find a way to include that kind of layering and (more importantly) some exagerated inside and outside points.  thus, those funny looking leaves.  that stem is also bent the ‘wrong’ way and that makes it a challenge also.  all in all – a very good working tool, i think. ^_^  all i have to do is figure out how to ‘teach’ it. ^_^


love and beauty