well, i’d say the class was a success!  there were 7 students, and they all seemed well satisfied.  i had offered to stay over and do additional time with them on friday because i didn’t feel the 3 hours was going to be sufficient.  all would liked to have returned, but schedules and health kept all but 2 away during the day.  one returned friday evening.  so, yes, it was a rather long class for me. ^_^  however, i am ok with that.  mostly i wanted to make sure i gave them what they wanted/needed, etc.  from what i heard – i accomplished that.  turns out that not only did the class teach them the new stuff – it really grounded the whole process and eliminated any problems they were still having.  at least that was the feedback i got.  so, i am very happy!  oh, and they did encourage me to ‘go forward’ with the class. ^_^  even the pattern seems to be good.  yea!!

on top of that, susie bought some patterns for the store, including the jackets.  so, i may be returning to teach that class as well.  life is definitely good!

and now, it’s the push to prepare for piqf and houston – as well as my show here nxt weekend and then the classes and talk in san anselmo & petaluma.  busy busy.    oh, and summer is definitely gone.  it’s downright chilly here this morning!  only about 51 deg when i got up.  forced  to put on a sweatshirt! cold hands trying to type!

hey, don’t forget – if you’re in this area, the quilt show is this  coming weekend and the drawing for the quilt is 3:00 sunday.  better get your tickets soon! ^_^  or at the show then.

in case you haven’t seen it.

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