several days ago i put the whites into the washer and then left the lid up so i wouldn’t forget i actually wanted to wash them.  obviously my schedule has gotten in the way – and it’s still easy to forget if you don’t go into that room except to sleep!  yes, my washer (and dryer) is in the bedroom. ^_^  small digs!  not sure how i discovered mr. pepe was doing this, but had peeked in and ran to get camera – of course the sound of the flash popping up woke him – thus the sleepy (and slightly annoyed) look.  moral is – always good to check inside before starting washer (or dryer)! ^_^

  i guess, since the weather has cooled, he has found it warmer in there.   too bad, i will probably do that load today and he will have to find a new place to snuggle.

my only goal for today is to get the binding onto that latest wallhanging – the one with the 4 simpler flowers (see below).  i have promised it as a show entry for our show, which is next weekend!  that means it must be complete by thursday!!  not sure why, but i really dislike this step.  part of it is i am very  very nervous when trimming the quilt in preparation for the sewing on – on the machine – of the binding.  you know, one slip and all those months of work could be ‘ruined’!  don’t mind the handwork part – folding and sewing the binding to the back.  and now that it’s cooler, won’t be a big deal to have a quilt in my lap!  course, then – given it is black, it will take forever to remove all traces of hair!!  would help if i did the vacuuming thing more often.

 sure wish it were already trimmed this nicely.  then i wouldn’t be stressed.

ok, time to just do it!

love and beauty