came online to post this picture yesterday and got distracted.  somehow ended up checking out a sports related article.  i found it a little bizarre – the houston baseball team is whining about having to play their game(s) out of town – well whining about WHERE, not so much that they had to.  anyway, a friend just sent me a ton of pictures – the ‘aftermath’!  i mean, a whole CITY was destroyed practically, and these overpaid, childish men are whining because they lost a couple of games! ( due to the fact that they played lousy and blaming it on being TIRED!)  give me a f’n break!!!  go back to your city and donate some time and money!!

ok, so here’s the real reason i wanted to do a post – only problem is, not sure you will be able to see what i’m talking about in this picture.  i had to take it thru the screen as every time i went out – they flew away.  these are the ‘real’ gold finches – normally we have what are called ‘lesser’ finches, which are not as yellow.  these guys just stop to refuel on their way to somewhere warmer for the winter.  and they were definitely chowing on my feeder. ^_^  the best yellow is on the left side of that ‘sock’.

  well, actually looks better than i thought.  you can see them! ^_^

ok, now it’s time to get to work.  i managed to push myself past my ‘fears’ and get the binding sewn onto the wallhanging.  now i have to finish the hand sewing part – which is already half finished!  what a relief!  this one had an added concern with regard to trimming and sewing – because it is all ‘on point’, the binding had to be exact where the points meet it!  i think they are ok!  yea!!  perhaps will post (for the third time) once it’s complete.

love and beauty