i suppose, given how i have been doing my life forever, that it is only fitting i should spend my birthday setting up for a show.  and probably with little acknowledgement of same.  don’t get me wrong – i am very  clear my life looks exactly how i have created it!  sometimes it’s just interesting to step back and look at one’s creation – like when you check out that quilt or painting you’ve been working on.  doesn’t always look the way you thought it would – or expected!  and just where did all those years go????

and along those lines – did stay to help with the  hanging of the quilts after i delivered mine.  and once again was struck by how much some of those women have ‘aged’.  i often miss the regular meetings – i’m either out of town or too tired of being in public.  i have now been here and a member for 10 years and can clearly see how ‘they’ have changed in appearance.  and, yes, when i actually turn on the bathroom light and put on my glasses – well, the same is true for me.  and while i usually still feel no more than 50 (or ageless, actually) – it’s often a sobering experience to drive past the highschool just down the street!

and this is one of those years that puts me just one year away from another decade turning!  just the sound of 70 is daunting, or at least really really old sounding. ^_^

and so, i am choosing to live in gratitude!  i found myself becoming preoccupied with those thoughts about how old i am and how much ‘time’ i might have left – scary kind of thoughts.  and downright depressing if you don’t watch out!!  and the other day it hit me – better to be thankful just to be here now – for this day!  to disempower and dissolve the fears in gratitude.  Life IS Good!  Thank You, God! ^_^

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