what was i thinking???  will never make that mistake again.  doing my own guild show, that is.  not a good idea for me or the guild.  they could have gotten full price for the space and i didn’t make any money.  so, now it’s time to find a new place to go for my birthday! ^_^  anyone out there  belong to a guild that has a show in late september??

other than that, it was an ok day.  i really do love those new poles.  i didn’t realize how much more work it was to use those quilt racks.  been killin’ myself for over 3 years now.  slow learner!  teardown was fast and easy – with a little help from good friend, bobbie!  and everything fits nicely into the van.  moved a few things around, which weren’t really working all that well where they were anyway.  space-wise it was perfect, but timing-wise, not so much.  had to remove the things that go into the booth last before i could get to the things that go into the booth first!  now, those things are up front and only cart and booth poles/drapes & electric are in the back –  and come out first!

today is a minimum day for the schools. grrr  hate it when they do that.  that means i must leave here around noon – no time to do much of anything.  did a short walk this morning so i’d have a little extra time.  one mile better than nothing, right?!!

oh, i didn’t know the person who won the quilt. bobbie did and i did meet her when she came to get it.  she was very thrilled.  they took lots of pictures of us.  if they put one in the newsletter, i’ll see if i can copy it and get it into one of these.  and so another chapter closes – along with another year of my life.  onward and upward. ^_^

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