October 2008

just thought i’d post the last pictures from the trip to get here.  then tonight, i’ll report on how the preview went.  it has to be better than market was – for me.  however, market did have one saving grace which i will talk about another time.  i have found that no matter how bad the show seems to be – there is always a good reason howcome i am there. ^_^

ok, scratch that first part.  i just realized i already shared those pictures.  duh!  and i don’t have the ones of this house yet.  so, let’s see what i can find to put in here just so you have something besides this drivel.










i think this one did not get posted.  this was arizona, day 2, just about noon.  there’s a short stretch that is full of the most wonderful rock formations and piles.  this is the only picture i was able to get.  they get much larger – very tall ‘piles’.   for some reason – i love rocks!  there is an area i drive thru to get from my house to auburn that is filled with piles of rocks scattered throughout the fields.  big ones like these – only ours are not as smooth and more grey in color.  more about the show tonight when we get back.  hey, maybe i’ll take a few pictures for ya. ^_^

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so, thought i would post a few more pictures of the trip here.  tried to get a daytime picture of the front yard halloween decoration this morning – sun in the wrong place, but did it anyway.  then thought i’d get an evening one – didn’t.  perhaps another day before they take it down.

so here are another couple pictures of the long drive.  you may think i haven’t posted or taken very good pictures, but – trust me, not a whole lot thats shows up as interesting in pictures when you are driving thru that area.  i understand that up close and personal there may be a lot of good/interesting stuff going on – but from the road at 80 mph – not so much.






ok, so to keep the records straight – the one yesterday that said it was about noon on day 2 – it wasn’t.  it was day 2, but it was about 5 pm.  this one is about noon.










i hope you can see the painting on the overpass foundation – it was very nice.  i thought i was closer than this.  it’s hard to do this at 80 pph!!








i took another one to show that this was kind of normal for the area – not just one peak so clearly defined. ^_^  not sure what happened with the other one, so this is what you get.  the others are kind of off to the side while this one keeps being right in your face as you drive.








and this is my attempt to show that it does turn to green as you progress to the east in texas.  and it is less flat, etc.   this is about the last picture i took on the road.  i took one yesterday, with the real camera – will see if i can get them downloaded to show you – or it will be ‘them’ soon.  ^_^

yes – that is all i saw for 3 days of 12 hours each!  and lived to tell.  and have another 3 days to look forward to.  yippee.

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no committments today.  deniece and norma off in search of table covers for her booth.  i am reset and will spend today resting and regrouping – it does get tiring during these next long days.  however – a better tired!  from being busy insteady of sitting around just stuck in the booth waiting.

there is a fabric shop in old town, spring – i am headed there today in search of older fabrics.  the ones i have used in kits and can no longer find.  been told this place has tons of fabric with some of it from awhile ago.  am taking a fuchsia kit with me to see if i can get lucky and find that main leaf fabric.  down to my last few kits.  still have some of everything else.  would rather not have to replace.

so here’s a picture of sunrise in arizona on day 2.





funny thing about this picture – I couldn’t see the sun yet!  camera lense more sensitive than these old eyes, i guess.











according to the camera clock as noted on the picture saved – this was around noon the same day.  guess i liked the looks of those ‘hills’?  ^_^     stay tuned,  day 3 tomorrow.  oh, and will take some pictures with the real camera – maybe.  harder to get those into this laptop, i just remembered.  we’ll see.  want to get the halloween decorations they have in the yard.  perhaps try a night shot. ^_^

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and so it goes – not so well.  this will be my last houston market – or any other one, for that matter!!  i think the next time i come here, if i do, i will spend the money on a full 10 x 10 booth for festival and forget the stupid market part.  i have done worse each time, i think – and just not worth it.  soooo, for sure i’m not coming next year – will stick with “that smaller west coast show” as these promotors called it.  lots easier to get to for me!!!

we are both all setup – well, ok, deniece is not finished – i am!!  soooo happy about that.  that means i have tomorrow completely free and off!!  can you believe it?!!!  ask me if i need the rest.  ugh!  tonight’s setup was not all that easy.  changed my mind several times.  still, it’s really just too dang small.  i mean, if the crowd is good – going to be very tight in that booth!!  last time i will do that!  ok, it did fine in long beach – but it sure seems really small here.  and i did get lucky and have an outside wall to use at long beach.  oh well – we shall see how it goes.  can’t be as bad as the past 3 days, that’s for sure.

and now – it’s either to bed or back downstairs to watch monday night football.  will post some pics in the morning – just too tired now.  sorry

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ok, i am actually here and going thru the first show – market.  painfully slow for me.  just not enough people here.  sure hope festival is better.  one more day of this – and will have to do some resetting of the booth in order to make room for the kits.  we shall see how it  goes.  deniece will be moving to a new location, so i am going to snag her 6 ft table and replace the 8 ft’r i currently have – way too long, can’t fit in the other ones i need!

have sent myself some of the pictures, so here are the ones from the first day – taken near dusk.  tomorrow i will post some from day 2.






these are taken with the cellphone, so not the greatest.  yes, as i was driving.  so, you will see cracks and mirrors and dirt, etc.  this one out the side – driver’s side.











and this one out the front – obviously.  not the most exciting pictures you’ve ever seen.   good example of what you see for miles and miles. ^_^







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ok, i am here – safely landed in houston!  deniece talked me into coming in last night instead of doing a motel and going straight to the show today.  i arrived earlier than either of us thought!  just around 9 pm.  however, it was 3 long days of driving to get here – about 12 hours each day and my odometer reads something in excess of 2000 miles.  whew!

i took several pictures on the way – just with the cellphone – so i could share them with ya’ll.  haven’t sent them to this thing yet, perhaps i can post some tomorrow.  they won’t be all that great – just hoped to show you how the countryside changes state to state – and, in texas (like calif), how it changes within a day (or less)!

and now it’s time for a shower and then off to setup.  stay tuned. ^_^

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ok, wouldn’t you be if you were looking at driving about 2000 miles – alone.  at this point, will just be so happy when i am back home and it is all over.  even if it’s awful, i’ll be thrilled to be back here. ^_^

as for piqf – did ok.  made my minimum acceptable and can put gas in the van for the drive. ^_^  speaking of that – van is packed, business-wise.  will find something to throw into that suitcase to cover my body with while i’m there.  last time i kinda forgot there was actually time when i wasn’t in the booth and did need some decent casual clothes – more than sleeping t and jammie pants.  ^_^

am looking at the usual light show in the sky – shades of orange, etc.  so, i think i’ll add that sunset picture here – for anyone who missed it the first time(s?)  ok, i do have several, but there’s one that’s better, i think.  just have to find it.  obviously i don’t have any other pics to post.  which reminds me – i will now get up and put the camera someplace where i can’t miss it!!  i was thinking i might like to go out to galveston, just to check it out.  then thought, maybe not a good thing to do.  but someone said this weekend that they are encouraging people to go there – and do ‘business’, to help with the recovery for those folks!  so, perhaps can go have lunch.

  now isn’t that just amazing!  not quite that bright tonight – yellow is missing.

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