my buddy erv came over today and we built the front wall for the fridge house.  he found wood someone was throwing away!  overlap and tongue and groove stuff – made a great wall.  all different widths, but, hey – good enough for this application!!  so, now we will use just plywood on the side wall that no one will see – and on the roof.  roof 2×4’s are cut and ready to go up.  still need to purchase the plywood – unless we get lucky there too. ^_^  check it out.

  oh, and different colors as well. ^_^

just a little bit ago, i decided to rake away the leaves erv had brushed off the porch roof – many!!  then rachel wanted to rake, so i handed over the rake and brought out the broom to kind of clear off the porch.  miss rachel proceded to rake all the way up the path – first one side and then the other!!  she would not quit even when mom and dad came home!!  so, here she is during and after completion and returning the rake.

     she is quite a good worker!!  that’s a very long path!



wow, that sun is really bright orange out there.  coming down and out from under a big cloud – yes, tempting!  you know me and my sunset pictures. ^_^

love and beauty