not sure what to write about today.  need to get it together here and be ready to roll early sunday morning – or maybe even saturday evening?  have to call the shop in san anselmo and find out what time class starts.  did talk with ruth last night, so i know i have a place to sleep no matter which day i leave here.

so, here are the things i still need to address before i leave –  take all the quilts out  of the trunk and make sure they are in the proper order.  plus, add the ones i normally have hanging in my bedroom.  2. get all the tubs out of the van and make sure enough of everything in them – then put them back into van.  3. put together some clothes to wear!  yikes! for me – that’s a  big job.  i’m not much on real clothes these days.  i have my ‘uniforms’ for when ‘working’ (in the booth) and my comfotable, and often not so pretty, at home clothes.  those in between ones drive me crazy!  ok, if i could lose a little more weight, i’d probably feel better about wearing real clothes.  anyway, it has turned cool here, which means it will be very cool over there!  perhaps that means i can wear jeans?  assuming i can get them zipped, that is.  ya just never know these days. ^_^  will take a uniform dress for the trunk show/talk.

doesn’t sound like so much, does it?  given i have two whole days.  well, today i have the rachel interruption – so will save the trunk/quilt sorting for after she is here.  will also put the trunk into the van while it is empty – too heavy once all those quilts are in it.  may leave the quilts out until the trunk is on the cart at the meeting – easier for whoever is going to help.

have been cutting and folding kits – in preparation for piqf and houston.  feeling very uncertain about both of those shows.  i’m pretty sure lots of people will still be attending – will they be buying, THAT is the question.  i mean, even in houston i think they will come, cause i’m sure they need the break from reality at this point!!  and looking at all those beautiful quilts could be just the right therapy.  but spending money?? hmmmmmm  at least what i sell is not expensive.

ok, let’s see if i can find a picture just to lighten this up a bit.don’t remember if i posted this guy?  doesn’t matter, still think he’s (she?) handsome and worth a second look.

love and beauty