it has come – autumn is officially here.  it began to sprinkle yesterday and then, as it often does here, rained for real all night.  and that had me up and out there in it at 3:00 am!!  the fridge house is missing one rather important part – the roof!  and the fridge is plugged into an extension cord!  which connection is on the platform, but still exposed in terms of rain!!  for some reason it did not occur to me for erv and i to use that big piece of plastic to create a ‘roof’ and side wall the day we built the end wall.  duh!!!  i had asked tom for it specifically to cover the fridge!! [ it was the one he had used to cover the big hole created in the side of the (big) house when they removed the window to repair the (leaking) wall!!! ] (never did take those pictures to post here, and to send to brother – the hole we dug, etc)

ok, had a little break here cause tom showed up and we put the plastic up as best we could – attempted to angle it such that water flows off and doesn’t puddle.  course, with tom you get candace, rachel, marcus and then add sophie and mocha!  usually you also get 3 or 4 cats – guess they are hunkered down out of the rain.  it’s a real parade. ^_^  anyway, that plastic will probably work just fine as long as we have no wind.  expected to rain all day.  i will periodically check.  those staples won’t hold much weight!  or, rather, the plastic won’t – and will rip.

ahh, life in a primitive cabin.  one would never guess what kind of work emerges from here. ^_^  for those of you who missed it, here’s a picture (or 2?) of the “fridge house”.  just imagine it now has a plastic roof and side wall.















and from another angle

















ok, this is it with plastic.  couldn’t find the one i was looking for and then decided to just go take an ‘updated’ one. ^_^

NOW, it’s time to see if i can prepare myself to be a ‘professional’ (hah) teacher tomorrow. ^_^  like find something to wear and get product ready, etc.  did get more copies of the class pattern, so have enough for both classes (and beyond!)  class begins at 10:00 tomorrow, so will just drive over in the morning.  will be staying with ruth tomorrow night.  monday night will be in a hotel!  do like this teaching stuff!! ^_^

love and beauty