been gone from here and home – since sunday morning.  did get home yesterday, but didn’t choose to add anything here.  have no new pictures to share, sorry.

today we made a little more progress on the fridge house.  down to the last 2 of the 6 ‘rafters’ for the roof.  the plastic i put on when it was raining was working perfectly – however, when i got home i found the roof part completely pulled down.  i am certain it was not the rain – we didn’t even have any more!  i know it was my dear cat.  he had been using that space – on top of the fridge – as his little lounge.  my guess, he either jumped onto the plastic or slipped off the outer frame or the board i had on top of the stool under the plastic (the tweeking required to assure there would be no puddles to gather and tear the plastic).  lot of good that did, huh?!  oh well, got me thru the rain.  so, i called erv to see if he could come and finish the job – don’t want to leave town without it covered.  and no way i can keep the plastic up.  dang cat. ^_^  i’ll post another picture tomorrow – roof should be done by then.

as for the classes and talk while i was gone.  all went well – i just didn’t sell the normal amount – common theme these days.  still, doing just ok.  (ure hope i can at least break even for piqf and houston!!  profit would be really great! ^_^ )also, i doubt that i will be returning for a followup of any kind.  then again, ya just never know.

ok, feel like i lost another day.  had hoped to accomplish much more.  bout all i did was to get the quilts and trunk out of the van.  just remembered,  the two that get hung in my bedroom – need to get them out of the big house!  marcus here this weekend.  wild man!  turns 4 on wed. 

 maybe i can at least do some folding during the celtics’ game tonight.  so happy to have basketball back!! ^_^  and hockey.  we won’t talk about football – our bengals still have a perfect record for the season!  as in zero wins!!!  ugh!

love and beauty