as promised, here are the latest pics of the infamous ‘fridge house’.  it has taken two days to get this roof on.  which means i’ve lost some valuable prep time with regard to the upcoming major shows.  ahhh, the trials and tribulations of being a (very small) business owner. ^_^

as you can see, the side wall is not yet finished.  it’s ok, the plastic will suffice for now.  just needed a solid roof cause i know it’s gonna rain while i am gone.  and as we discovered, the plastic is not “pepe proof”!   erv also added a board at the back that serves as an entry platform for said cat!  he can jump down from main roof, onto fridge house roof, onto platform and then walk onto fridge top – which is now safely covered – and stay warm and dry.  i may even put something up there, like a ‘bed’, for him. ??  he will have a long time here alone. 😦

  and there you have the latest progress.  and now i must get to it – running out of days!

love and beauty