just a little.  have only today – what’s left of it and tomorrow to get completely ready for piqf.  and i hand my dear sophie dog off to ruth about midday tomorrow – not to see her again until i return from houston.  in november!!

and speaking of that – that drive is looking longer and longer.  at least 12 hours in the car each day for 3 days.  need to get 10 hours of actual driving in each day.  can you believe it.  i’ve signed up for some pretty stupid things in my life and i think this one is in the top 10!!    and then there’s the silly economy.  and, if that’s not enough – let’s just throw in a hurricane while we’re at it.  good grief!  this could well be my last trip to houston.  one slightly good thing – gas prices have come down a bit.  just got a note from deniece and she says under $3 in houston.  not so here, but below $3.50.

other than that – not much to say.  except now i need to get to it here.  lost this day also.  had to take my car to where tom works – which is about 45 min away – to have him give it the once over/servicing, etc.  i guess it’s as good as it can be right now.  at this point, not even sure what the heck i need to do.  perhaps some jacket patterns would be good to put together. ???   feels a lot more like a nap!!

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