this is it – time to get it together – at least for piqf.  i guess i’m in good enough shape???  just need to get the van cleared and repacked and not forget anything important!  have a few more things i can do, like cutting for kits, but that’s more for houston.  i’m certain i have enough for this one.  and if i don’t – well, can always ship it!  no one has ever not bought just because they couldn’t walk out of the booth with it – cause i do pay the shipping since it’s my fault i didn’t bring enough!

i managed to get the last ‘new’ dress embellished the other day.  now they are all done except for the one with the unfinished ginko that i’m going to remove and replace with something else – someday.  every now and then, i just go ahead and wear it the way it is.  get tired of it just hanging in the closet.  needed a picture for today, just to make this more interesting.  so – here’s the dress. ^_^

 ok, i guess i have stalled about as long as i can.  ruth will be here in a few hours to pick up sophie.  i did go purchase a bag of food plus treats and bones to send with her.  also went to home depot to return the first set of hardware erv and i had bought way back in august.  of course we both forgot and (re)purchased the other day!  oh well, now i have $3 in my purse. ^_^

love and beauty