interesting, as i checked the stats and such before coming here to type.  most folks who visited here got here thru searching “piqf”.  i must admit, i really don’t understand how or why you come here to read this. ^_^  and i wish i had a picture or two of quilts from this great show to post here for your enjoyment.  but, alas, and of course – i did not bring my camera (as in, forgot.  no, didn’t even think about!)  sorry.

so, today was better.  i am feeling more confident that i will meet minimum.  still, for me, not as good as last year.  too bad.  kinda needed it more this year.  ahhh, i guess everyone is singing the same tune these days, huh?

i haven’t really seen many of the quilts.  will probably sneak out a couple times on sunday – often not a busy day. 😦  so far have only kinda looked at those i pass to get in and out.  somehow haven’t gotten myself there early enough to stroll thru those even.  still, what i have seen is as amazing as always.  ya really oughta come see! ^_^

love and beauty