just one more here, then it’s home and prep for houston.  have i mentioned i’m not looking forward to that long drive alone??  oh, yes, about a 100 times – sorry. ^_^

attendance here seems to be ok and people do seem to be buying.  i just have to come up with something new for next year. ^_^  and i will!!  and i won’t have houston staring me in the face!  anyway, have several ideas floating around in my pea brain.  no, not just new designs – do have some of those, but as i’ve said – the problem is there just aren’t enough folks who want every single pattern i publish.  most are in the “i haven’t done what i bought last year” category.  you can guess how many they bought this year. 😦  sooo, i will just have to come up with something ya’ll can’t resist.  just a little something. ^_^

discovered howcome bennigan’s has been closed – favorite place to go while here, as it’s right next door to this hotel.  bankruptcy!!  yikes!  is no one safe???  also found out they are reopening a few of them – including this one.  not much help for us this weekend.  still, be good for next year, i hope.  i’d bet they are also opening the one in albuquerque (ok, just had to see if i could still spell it) by the hotel near that convention center.  only the most popular ones will be saved.  my my

not much else to say for today.  tomorrow will be pack up for here and the booth – then on the road to home.  maybe i’ll update once home.  could be a little late-ish.  probably get out of town around 6:30??        (2 1/2 hour drive) show ends at 4:00 & usually takes me at least 2 hours – but in this case, have to vie for dock/parking space to load the van.  could take longer.

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