ok, wouldn’t you be if you were looking at driving about 2000 miles – alone.  at this point, will just be so happy when i am back home and it is all over.  even if it’s awful, i’ll be thrilled to be back here. ^_^

as for piqf – did ok.  made my minimum acceptable and can put gas in the van for the drive. ^_^  speaking of that – van is packed, business-wise.  will find something to throw into that suitcase to cover my body with while i’m there.  last time i kinda forgot there was actually time when i wasn’t in the booth and did need some decent casual clothes – more than sleeping t and jammie pants.  ^_^

am looking at the usual light show in the sky – shades of orange, etc.  so, i think i’ll add that sunset picture here – for anyone who missed it the first time(s?)  ok, i do have several, but there’s one that’s better, i think.  just have to find it.  obviously i don’t have any other pics to post.  which reminds me – i will now get up and put the camera someplace where i can’t miss it!!  i was thinking i might like to go out to galveston, just to check it out.  then thought, maybe not a good thing to do.  but someone said this weekend that they are encouraging people to go there – and do ‘business’, to help with the recovery for those folks!  so, perhaps can go have lunch.

  now isn’t that just amazing!  not quite that bright tonight – yellow is missing.

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