ok, i am here – safely landed in houston!  deniece talked me into coming in last night instead of doing a motel and going straight to the show today.  i arrived earlier than either of us thought!  just around 9 pm.  however, it was 3 long days of driving to get here – about 12 hours each day and my odometer reads something in excess of 2000 miles.  whew!

i took several pictures on the way – just with the cellphone – so i could share them with ya’ll.  haven’t sent them to this thing yet, perhaps i can post some tomorrow.  they won’t be all that great – just hoped to show you how the countryside changes state to state – and, in texas (like calif), how it changes within a day (or less)!

and now it’s time for a shower and then off to setup.  stay tuned. ^_^

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