ok, i am actually here and going thru the first show – market.  painfully slow for me.  just not enough people here.  sure hope festival is better.  one more day of this – and will have to do some resetting of the booth in order to make room for the kits.  we shall see how it  goes.  deniece will be moving to a new location, so i am going to snag her 6 ft table and replace the 8 ft’r i currently have – way too long, can’t fit in the other ones i need!

have sent myself some of the pictures, so here are the ones from the first day – taken near dusk.  tomorrow i will post some from day 2.






these are taken with the cellphone, so not the greatest.  yes, as i was driving.  so, you will see cracks and mirrors and dirt, etc.  this one out the side – driver’s side.











and this one out the front – obviously.  not the most exciting pictures you’ve ever seen.   good example of what you see for miles and miles. ^_^







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