and so it goes – not so well.  this will be my last houston market – or any other one, for that matter!!  i think the next time i come here, if i do, i will spend the money on a full 10 x 10 booth for festival and forget the stupid market part.  i have done worse each time, i think – and just not worth it.  soooo, for sure i’m not coming next year – will stick with “that smaller west coast show” as these promotors called it.  lots easier to get to for me!!!

we are both all setup – well, ok, deniece is not finished – i am!!  soooo happy about that.  that means i have tomorrow completely free and off!!  can you believe it?!!!  ask me if i need the rest.  ugh!  tonight’s setup was not all that easy.  changed my mind several times.  still, it’s really just too dang small.  i mean, if the crowd is good – going to be very tight in that booth!!  last time i will do that!  ok, it did fine in long beach – but it sure seems really small here.  and i did get lucky and have an outside wall to use at long beach.  oh well – we shall see how it goes.  can’t be as bad as the past 3 days, that’s for sure.

and now – it’s either to bed or back downstairs to watch monday night football.  will post some pics in the morning – just too tired now.  sorry

love and beauty