so, thought i would post a few more pictures of the trip here.  tried to get a daytime picture of the front yard halloween decoration this morning – sun in the wrong place, but did it anyway.  then thought i’d get an evening one – didn’t.  perhaps another day before they take it down.

so here are another couple pictures of the long drive.  you may think i haven’t posted or taken very good pictures, but – trust me, not a whole lot thats shows up as interesting in pictures when you are driving thru that area.  i understand that up close and personal there may be a lot of good/interesting stuff going on – but from the road at 80 mph – not so much.






ok, so to keep the records straight – the one yesterday that said it was about noon on day 2 – it wasn’t.  it was day 2, but it was about 5 pm.  this one is about noon.










i hope you can see the painting on the overpass foundation – it was very nice.  i thought i was closer than this.  it’s hard to do this at 80 pph!!








i took another one to show that this was kind of normal for the area – not just one peak so clearly defined. ^_^  not sure what happened with the other one, so this is what you get.  the others are kind of off to the side while this one keeps being right in your face as you drive.








and this is my attempt to show that it does turn to green as you progress to the east in texas.  and it is less flat, etc.   this is about the last picture i took on the road.  i took one yesterday, with the real camera – will see if i can get them downloaded to show you – or it will be ‘them’ soon.  ^_^

yes – that is all i saw for 3 days of 12 hours each!  and lived to tell.  and have another 3 days to look forward to.  yippee.

love and beauty.