no committments today.  deniece and norma off in search of table covers for her booth.  i am reset and will spend today resting and regrouping – it does get tiring during these next long days.  however – a better tired!  from being busy insteady of sitting around just stuck in the booth waiting.

there is a fabric shop in old town, spring – i am headed there today in search of older fabrics.  the ones i have used in kits and can no longer find.  been told this place has tons of fabric with some of it from awhile ago.  am taking a fuchsia kit with me to see if i can get lucky and find that main leaf fabric.  down to my last few kits.  still have some of everything else.  would rather not have to replace.

so here’s a picture of sunrise in arizona on day 2.





funny thing about this picture – I couldn’t see the sun yet!  camera lense more sensitive than these old eyes, i guess.











according to the camera clock as noted on the picture saved – this was around noon the same day.  guess i liked the looks of those ‘hills’?  ^_^     stay tuned,  day 3 tomorrow.  oh, and will take some pictures with the real camera – maybe.  harder to get those into this laptop, i just remembered.  we’ll see.  want to get the halloween decorations they have in the yard.  perhaps try a night shot. ^_^

love and beauty