just thought i’d post the last pictures from the trip to get here.  then tonight, i’ll report on how the preview went.  it has to be better than market was – for me.  however, market did have one saving grace which i will talk about another time.  i have found that no matter how bad the show seems to be – there is always a good reason howcome i am there. ^_^

ok, scratch that first part.  i just realized i already shared those pictures.  duh!  and i don’t have the ones of this house yet.  so, let’s see what i can find to put in here just so you have something besides this drivel.










i think this one did not get posted.  this was arizona, day 2, just about noon.  there’s a short stretch that is full of the most wonderful rock formations and piles.  this is the only picture i was able to get.  they get much larger – very tall ‘piles’.   for some reason – i love rocks!  there is an area i drive thru to get from my house to auburn that is filled with piles of rocks scattered throughout the fields.  big ones like these – only ours are not as smooth and more grey in color.  more about the show tonight when we get back.  hey, maybe i’ll take a few pictures for ya. ^_^

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