November 2008

don’t know about you, but i think i’m 5 pounds heavier than i was yesterday at this time!  but it was all soooo good.  and i didn’t have to hit a lick!  didn’t even have to do the driving to get there.  how nice.

not much else to report for this day – work continues on “the book” and i am excited about it.  i may even take some pictures of the skinny stem process today and see how they turn out.  will probably post them here – so, stay tuned. ^_^

love and beauty

ok, so my attempt to peddle my wares downtown didn’t go as planned (hoped).  however, i realized today that some of that was cause i didn’t stick to my game plan.  i got myself off track, so to speak.  that is, i was showing them as ‘wall art’ and not as i actually sell them – which is as accent pieces on stands on tables!  i am considering going back to the first place and giving it one more shot.  since i am suggesting consignment, it’s not a risk for him.  he was afraid they wouldn’t sell (for me) as he hasn’t done well with framed/wall art.

in spite of all that, i just finished another and plan to go ahead and frame it today.  if it stops raining, i will head down there again and ‘beg’ for just these 4 weeks.  so here it is.











i think this one and the red and green one could be snuggled in amongst the Christmas ornaments – don’t you???

love and beauty

ok, so where the heck has this year gone??  someone seems to have whisked it out from under me while my back was turned!  dang!  and on the other hand there’s the  feeling that it will be great to have this one ‘in the books’ and just move on to better things!!

and on that note – i am off to continue the sifting and sorting and tossing to make room in my shed for what has been stored in tom’s rental storage.  i don’t want to take it to MY rental as i also want to get rid of that one!  got thru the first half yesterday and have a large pile of trash out back plus a pile of ‘garage sale/craig’s list’ stuff to sell/give away!  onward and upward, i say!

yes, it’s true – no work on the book!  did go to my local app. society meeting and will be scheduling a class there for next year – so that’s a good thing.  also have an idea for a fun book to write which i will share with bobbie and see if it looks like fun to her as well – to do it together.  i’ll let you know what about once we  get started. ^_^  not applique – still quilting, tho.

love and beauty

am headed for the shower in preparation for going to an applique society meeting.  i haven’t been in forever!!  many months ago, no idea when!  am hoping to sell a little thread, or even a pattern/kit or two.  could use some loose change right now!

perhaps, if the weather holds, i will actually begin clearing out that shed behind the cottage.  my goal is to get it clear enough that i can move everything back here and give up the storage i am paying for!!  tom & co. doing the same thing.  like everyone else these days – paring down, so to speak!!  i have these 3 months to get thru and it’s looking just a tad scary at the moment.  been ‘job hunting’ – no luck so far.  still hopeful something will turn up – always has before.  anyone in need of a ‘bookkeeper’ or a cashier?? ^_^  or data input of any kind?

i will also be working on that last mini to frame and then get them all framed.  i am going down the hill for an interview of sorts, so may just stop in folsom at the one gallery i’ve been in that might be an option.  they carry some things i used to have in my gallery in ohio.  wish me luck. ^_^

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique

so, here’s the next mini i will be framing.  i have just one more prep’d – then i guess i need to spend a day framing!  oh, probably need to finish that one i’m not so crazy about, too.  will peddle them downtown this next week.  if no luck there, will head on down the hill to folsom and see what i can do there.  otherwise, it’s over to sausalito/san rafael










and that’s all the news for today.  time to get back to book writing. ^_^

love and beauty

so here are the next 2 mini’s that i will be framing – and are available for sale right now. ^_^









this one is definitely not intended for a man’s den. ^_^











red and green were often used in quilts “in days of old”, so this isn’t just for the holidays.

I did get what i am calling Chapter 1 written for the book!  and i am very excited about doing the rest of it.  it will end up being a written version of my class – altho it will not include the pattern i use for the class.  it will be strictly a techniques manual, so to speak.  i will use some of the shapes of the elements within that pattern, just won’t include the whole thing.  you will be instructed to use circles and other simple drawings similar to the shapes in the book in order to practice what i’m showing in the pictures.  i will also share my ‘skinny stems’ secrets. ^_^    i will keep you posted!

love and beauty

today is the day i have promised myself i will begin writing my book.  yes, i have finally gotten that it is time to do that.  however, it won’t be a book of patterns.  it will be a book of techniques and tips – rather a written version of the class i teach.  whenever i teach i get requests for something they can have at home to help them remember – and i have finally realized i can write ‘how’ – i just have to use lots of pictures. 

the first chapter will be about ‘supplies’ and/or ‘tools’.  what are the very basic things you need.  now, one thing to remember is that i am teaching ‘my way’, and that is basic, needle turn – as in, hand applique. ^_^  so the basic tools are actually needle, thread, pins, scissors and fabric.   very simple.

what kind, you may ask – so here ya go.  needles – i use a #12 sharp.  i recommend hemming’s or the clover goldeye #12 applique needle.   thread – i use the DMC machine embroidery thread.  it is equivalent to a 60 wt, even tho it claims to be just 50 wt.  you will find it is as thin as the mettler 60 wt and is better thread.  pins – i use silk pins.  they look like old fashioned straight pins, are 1 1/4″ long and very skinny.  also, they are a fine steel that glides nicely thru the fabric – important when you are pinning those pieces down!  scissors – you will need a small, sharp pair.  usually called embroidery scissors, in the 4 – 6 inch size.  they must be sharp and fine enough to cut all the way to the point.  that is important when you are clipping for inside curves and points.  fabric – you may find that not all the fabric you have in your stash for piecing will work for applique.  it is better to use the more closely woven fabrics, especially if you have any inside or outside points in the design – and you can count on having some of each!! ^_^  the more loosely woven fabrics will tend to fray and they are also usually thicker, which makes outside points tougher and ‘lumpier’.

whew – now i can see how long it’s going to take to write all those words i usually say in class!!  yikes!  all of that is truly the very tiniest tip of the iceberg.  there is so much more to share with you.

i also want to mention the obvious – those mini’s i am framing – you could certainly purchase by letting me know!  i am going to put them on the website, so you could do it thru there – or just send me an email.  they are $55.  if you purchase the stand for $5, i will pay shipping.  otherwise, shipping is $5 – which means we are sharing the cost of shipping, since i use the small priority box.

love and beauty

today we are finally back to “normal” – except i am now driving the van to take rachel to school in stead of the suburban.  and that meant we had to dismantle my ‘show van’ and convert it back to a more conventional setup.  we only installed one of the two seats – and the wrong one, at that.  we had all of about 10 minutes before the security alarm was due to become active at the storage place!  we took the seat that was on top – and they looked the same as far as we could see.  not quite.  but, still works – for now.  just had to put the carseat behind the driver’s seat.  just as well – no door on that side.   so – i finally walked today.  thought i’d only do a mile, but went sailing right past that 1/2 mile marker without thinking – headed for the 1 mile.  duh!  somehow forgot it’s also a mile back! ^_^

now, as promised – applique ‘news’ etc.    i finished another mini to frame – in preparation for going next week to whatever galleries to see if i can place some on consignment.  i set the one aside that i have been forcing myself to work on – decided i might have better luck on another.   here is the picture of the one i just don’t like so much.  i love this design – i’m just not fond of these fabrics.  this was something i started while teaching in martinez – in order to keep busy and make progress, etc.  the more i sewed, the less sure i became about it.  still, have now put enough time into it that i am determined to finish and just hope someone likes it!










my problem is that both fabrics are ‘busy’ and that doesn’t work so well for me.  still, it is the most popular design, so who knows.










i am happy with this one.  these dark colors would work nicely for a man – in a den or office setting, perhaps?  and the ginko design is certainly suitable.

today i am going to choose fabrics for 3 more of them.  that way, if i get bored with one, i switch to the other.  part of my problem is i’m not all that fond of doing the same thing over and over!  at least not more than twice in one year. ^_^

before i begin posting mostly applique stuff, i thought i’d share these pictures i had forgotten about.  the first is what you would see as you entered the aisle in which my booth was.  i was at the very back of the room, so you are facing the front here.  yes, the aisle IS so long you cannot see the other end!







i think it is either just before opening or just after – before anyone made their way to the back.  it often took awhile for them to get to us!








and if you chose to stop and look – this is what you would see in my booth.  this space is only 6′ x 10′, not the usual 10×10 – so things are a bit cramped!  if i do this again, i will skip market and do a full booth for festival – i think???  very big IF!! ^_^

next post will be purely applique.  so don’t  go way.

love and beauty

the long awaited day 3 and beyond – i think.  been so long now, i hope i can find the right pictures.  i believe i actually stored then in a folder called ‘houston’ – just in case.


the (final) rest area just north of bakersfield, on hwy 99, to be exact.  as in – in calif!  and now i will insert pictures of my home on wheels.  no, not the rv – didn’t take that one this time. 

in-thru-side                               out-thru-backcloser-in-thru-side  

the first two are taken from the outside on the (slider) side, and the third from the inside looking out back (with curtain installed)  next will be out the front and in from the back.  pretty funny.

out-thru-front in-thru-back  and that’s how a quilting ‘roadie’ travels. ^_^

need i say i am very glad it is over??  and now, dear readers (as my author friend keeps saying in her journal emails from england) – it is time for me to finish the second sample i’m doing to send to fons and porter – yes, the magazine.  sure am hoping she likes at least one of them.  shared them with my students today and they really liked one of them.  other one just ‘ok’ – not their style, etc.  wish me luck!!

love and beauty  www.artfullyapplique

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