ugh – that’s all i can say.  and it doesn’t make it better that everyone is suffering the same fate!  i can only say that i am not losing money – just not making what i’d like!  boo hoo, so to speak.  ask me if i will be glad when this election is over – geeezzz.

i just sent those pictures to myself and they were here – on this laptop – instantaneously!  wow!!  so, will put the first two in this one and another two tomorrow.  can’t say i took the most impressive pictures, now that i see them – sorry.  these first two are of applique quilts – what else. ? ^_^  they are pretty amazing.











people always make remarks about my work/patterns and the amount of work involved.  personally – i feel that way about this kind of quilt.  can’t imagine doing it myself!!!











and here’s another one!!  my my

ok, hope this gives you some idea of what is to be seen here.  i may take a few more tomorrow.  somehow i don’t expect to be all that busy.  and i’m planning to go in early to see if i can get a spot in the dock parking area.  besides the time change, the show doesn’t open until 11:00.  that should give me some time to roam.

love and beauty