it is over and i am glad.  now all i have to do is drive for 3 long days and it will really be over. 

today was better than i expected – and better than yesterday, which is not a common occurance at quilt shows.  a very good thing in this case!  so, i’m ok.  however, i am glad i won’t be back next year!  it will be good to not have to make this long trip.

too tired to mess with the pictures i took today.  sorry.  perhaps i’ll post them when i get home – just a few more quilts to show.  and only taken with the cell phone camera. 

and now – it’s to bed for me!  have a bit of repacking to do in the morning.  won’t be leaving until most of the morning traffic has reached destinations!!  wonder if i can make it to phoenix??  or close, at least??  maybe tucson?  and, please – keep the snow and rain up north!!  thought i might take 40 home – not!!  may not even go up toward barstow??  course that means going to pasadena, etc.  could be ugly at wrong time of day! ^_^  we shall just play it by ear.  in any event i will pull into that old familiar driveway on wed evening!!

love and beauty