i made it – and in record time.  could have actually continued driving and arrived very early wed morning ( like 4 am).  instead, i chose to stop and sleep in the rest area just this side of bakersfield, and that put me about 350 miles away.

so, wed’s drive was short and easy.  and i took my time.  stopped for a real breakfast and then again at the next rest area.  and there i stayed for some time – on the phone with my brother and just enjoying the lovely mild temps and sunshine.  finally, the clouds rolled in and it was time to get back on the road.  and i arrived here around 1 pm.  and ruth delivered sophie shortly thereafter.  and all is well.

i enjoyed dinner and basketball with family last night and went to bed early.  then up and at it this morning – had a class to teach at local quilt shop.  and that went well, yea!

i managed to get the  van unloaded and everything hauled down here or stored in the garage – except i just remembered the cooler didn’t get emptied.  will have to go do that soon.

i have other quilt pictures to post, as well as pictures from the long drive home – but wanted to share this one.  how it looks at the end when hardly anyone remains.  and how it looked for most of market, i think.  makes for a long day.



















just lots of red carpet! ^_^

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