as i surveyed the yard and (primitive) gardens around the cottage i found this “last rose of summer” flower.  ok, it’s not really a rose – just using that ‘figure of speech’.  this is probably the biggest blossom that plant had this year – rather like those first ones i cut that eventually became the models for my pattern design.

i was also surprise to find the ginko tree still dressed in her fall splendor!  one morning soon i will look out and she will be nearly completely naked, having dropped all that color over night.








perhaps i should have taken this earlier?  that shadow was not nearly that noticeable to the naked eye.  still, rather dramatic, i guess. ^_^








i think the sun is just not so bright these days – in my yard.  has fallen below the trees to the south.  it’s not that late in the day, only 1:30.

love and beauty