as promised, here are some of the pictures from the trip home.  i will do one day at a time.  the first one is just to show how different the sky looked – lots of clouds.  not threatening or anything – very pretty;  just not wide open blue like on the way to houston.   what i wasn’t able to get pictures of is what happened later – at dusk and beyond!  some of these nice little clouds did gather and get dark and i could see the rain falling off to the south – those lines that go from clouds to ground.  and then – some very amazing lightening bolts that appeared to head straight to the ground.    at one point the road turned so that i was facing directly into it all and one flashed – got a jump out of me! ^_^


the next two are sunsets.  it was after this that i could see the rain to the south.



tomorrow i will post the day 2 pictures which begin in new mexico, just across the border from texas.  all of these pictures were taken with my cellphone.  pretty amazing!

love and beauty