i am determined to get some work done today, so will make this part short and just post the pictures.  will say, as i look out the windows – even here in calif. the leaves have turned shades of yellow, rust and a springle of ‘red’ here and there.  and it has been raining.  looking a little like it right now – at least not bright and sunny.


this is the rest area in which i had spent the night.  it’s also the welcome/info center as it’s just across the border from texas.  i was very happy to arrive there.  i was tired and it felt like real progress to have gotten out of texas in one (long) day! ^_^


several hours later i was about to cross another state line and enter into arizona.  thought i was closer than this, but then, it is just a cellphone camera!


for those of you back east – these signs are common in rest areas out this way. ^_^


thar’s gold in them thar hills!  yep, that’s a california sunset, even tho i don’t think i had yet crossed the official border line.  i drove for many more miles after this.  tomorrow’s pictures will be of the rest area just north of bakersfield where i eventually laid down my weary head!!  i will also post the pictures i took of my (little) “home on wheels”.

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