the long awaited day 3 and beyond – i think.  been so long now, i hope i can find the right pictures.  i believe i actually stored then in a folder called ‘houston’ – just in case.


the (final) rest area just north of bakersfield, on hwy 99, to be exact.  as in – in calif!  and now i will insert pictures of my home on wheels.  no, not the rv – didn’t take that one this time. 

in-thru-side                               out-thru-backcloser-in-thru-side  

the first two are taken from the outside on the (slider) side, and the third from the inside looking out back (with curtain installed)  next will be out the front and in from the back.  pretty funny.

out-thru-front in-thru-back  and that’s how a quilting ‘roadie’ travels. ^_^

need i say i am very glad it is over??  and now, dear readers (as my author friend keeps saying in her journal emails from england) – it is time for me to finish the second sample i’m doing to send to fons and porter – yes, the magazine.  sure am hoping she likes at least one of them.  shared them with my students today and they really liked one of them.  other one just ‘ok’ – not their style, etc.  wish me luck!!

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