before i begin posting mostly applique stuff, i thought i’d share these pictures i had forgotten about.  the first is what you would see as you entered the aisle in which my booth was.  i was at the very back of the room, so you are facing the front here.  yes, the aisle IS so long you cannot see the other end!







i think it is either just before opening or just after – before anyone made their way to the back.  it often took awhile for them to get to us!








and if you chose to stop and look – this is what you would see in my booth.  this space is only 6′ x 10′, not the usual 10×10 – so things are a bit cramped!  if i do this again, i will skip market and do a full booth for festival – i think???  very big IF!! ^_^

next post will be purely applique.  so don’t  go way.

love and beauty