today we are finally back to “normal” – except i am now driving the van to take rachel to school in stead of the suburban.  and that meant we had to dismantle my ‘show van’ and convert it back to a more conventional setup.  we only installed one of the two seats – and the wrong one, at that.  we had all of about 10 minutes before the security alarm was due to become active at the storage place!  we took the seat that was on top – and they looked the same as far as we could see.  not quite.  but, still works – for now.  just had to put the carseat behind the driver’s seat.  just as well – no door on that side.   so – i finally walked today.  thought i’d only do a mile, but went sailing right past that 1/2 mile marker without thinking – headed for the 1 mile.  duh!  somehow forgot it’s also a mile back! ^_^

now, as promised – applique ‘news’ etc.    i finished another mini to frame – in preparation for going next week to whatever galleries to see if i can place some on consignment.  i set the one aside that i have been forcing myself to work on – decided i might have better luck on another.   here is the picture of the one i just don’t like so much.  i love this design – i’m just not fond of these fabrics.  this was something i started while teaching in martinez – in order to keep busy and make progress, etc.  the more i sewed, the less sure i became about it.  still, have now put enough time into it that i am determined to finish and just hope someone likes it!










my problem is that both fabrics are ‘busy’ and that doesn’t work so well for me.  still, it is the most popular design, so who knows.










i am happy with this one.  these dark colors would work nicely for a man – in a den or office setting, perhaps?  and the ginko design is certainly suitable.

today i am going to choose fabrics for 3 more of them.  that way, if i get bored with one, i switch to the other.  part of my problem is i’m not all that fond of doing the same thing over and over!  at least not more than twice in one year. ^_^