today is the day i have promised myself i will begin writing my book.  yes, i have finally gotten that it is time to do that.  however, it won’t be a book of patterns.  it will be a book of techniques and tips – rather a written version of the class i teach.  whenever i teach i get requests for something they can have at home to help them remember – and i have finally realized i can write ‘how’ – i just have to use lots of pictures. 

the first chapter will be about ‘supplies’ and/or ‘tools’.  what are the very basic things you need.  now, one thing to remember is that i am teaching ‘my way’, and that is basic, needle turn – as in, hand applique. ^_^  so the basic tools are actually needle, thread, pins, scissors and fabric.   very simple.

what kind, you may ask – so here ya go.  needles – i use a #12 sharp.  i recommend hemming’s or the clover goldeye #12 applique needle.   thread – i use the DMC machine embroidery thread.  it is equivalent to a 60 wt, even tho it claims to be just 50 wt.  you will find it is as thin as the mettler 60 wt and is better thread.  pins – i use silk pins.  they look like old fashioned straight pins, are 1 1/4″ long and very skinny.  also, they are a fine steel that glides nicely thru the fabric – important when you are pinning those pieces down!  scissors – you will need a small, sharp pair.  usually called embroidery scissors, in the 4 – 6 inch size.  they must be sharp and fine enough to cut all the way to the point.  that is important when you are clipping for inside curves and points.  fabric – you may find that not all the fabric you have in your stash for piecing will work for applique.  it is better to use the more closely woven fabrics, especially if you have any inside or outside points in the design – and you can count on having some of each!! ^_^  the more loosely woven fabrics will tend to fray and they are also usually thicker, which makes outside points tougher and ‘lumpier’.

whew – now i can see how long it’s going to take to write all those words i usually say in class!!  yikes!  all of that is truly the very tiniest tip of the iceberg.  there is so much more to share with you.

i also want to mention the obvious – those mini’s i am framing – you could certainly purchase by letting me know!  i am going to put them on the website, so you could do it thru there – or just send me an email.  they are $55.  if you purchase the stand for $5, i will pay shipping.  otherwise, shipping is $5 – which means we are sharing the cost of shipping, since i use the small priority box.

love and beauty