so here are the next 2 mini’s that i will be framing – and are available for sale right now. ^_^









this one is definitely not intended for a man’s den. ^_^











red and green were often used in quilts “in days of old”, so this isn’t just for the holidays.

I did get what i am calling Chapter 1 written for the book!  and i am very excited about doing the rest of it.  it will end up being a written version of my class – altho it will not include the pattern i use for the class.  it will be strictly a techniques manual, so to speak.  i will use some of the shapes of the elements within that pattern, just won’t include the whole thing.  you will be instructed to use circles and other simple drawings similar to the shapes in the book in order to practice what i’m showing in the pictures.  i will also share my ‘skinny stems’ secrets. ^_^    i will keep you posted!

love and beauty