am headed for the shower in preparation for going to an applique society meeting.  i haven’t been in forever!!  many months ago, no idea when!  am hoping to sell a little thread, or even a pattern/kit or two.  could use some loose change right now!

perhaps, if the weather holds, i will actually begin clearing out that shed behind the cottage.  my goal is to get it clear enough that i can move everything back here and give up the storage i am paying for!!  tom & co. doing the same thing.  like everyone else these days – paring down, so to speak!!  i have these 3 months to get thru and it’s looking just a tad scary at the moment.  been ‘job hunting’ – no luck so far.  still hopeful something will turn up – always has before.  anyone in need of a ‘bookkeeper’ or a cashier?? ^_^  or data input of any kind?

i will also be working on that last mini to frame and then get them all framed.  i am going down the hill for an interview of sorts, so may just stop in folsom at the one gallery i’ve been in that might be an option.  they carry some things i used to have in my gallery in ohio.  wish me luck. ^_^

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