ok, so where the heck has this year gone??  someone seems to have whisked it out from under me while my back was turned!  dang!  and on the other hand there’s the  feeling that it will be great to have this one ‘in the books’ and just move on to better things!!

and on that note – i am off to continue the sifting and sorting and tossing to make room in my shed for what has been stored in tom’s rental storage.  i don’t want to take it to MY rental as i also want to get rid of that one!  got thru the first half yesterday and have a large pile of trash out back plus a pile of ‘garage sale/craig’s list’ stuff to sell/give away!  onward and upward, i say!

yes, it’s true – no work on the book!  did go to my local app. society meeting and will be scheduling a class there for next year – so that’s a good thing.  also have an idea for a fun book to write which i will share with bobbie and see if it looks like fun to her as well – to do it together.  i’ll let you know what about once we  get started. ^_^  not applique – still quilting, tho.

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