ok, so my attempt to peddle my wares downtown didn’t go as planned (hoped).  however, i realized today that some of that was cause i didn’t stick to my game plan.  i got myself off track, so to speak.  that is, i was showing them as ‘wall art’ and not as i actually sell them – which is as accent pieces on stands on tables!  i am considering going back to the first place and giving it one more shot.  since i am suggesting consignment, it’s not a risk for him.  he was afraid they wouldn’t sell (for me) as he hasn’t done well with framed/wall art.

in spite of all that, i just finished another and plan to go ahead and frame it today.  if it stops raining, i will head down there again and ‘beg’ for just these 4 weeks.  so here it is.











i think this one and the red and green one could be snuggled in amongst the Christmas ornaments – don’t you???

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