November 2008

today we are finally back to “normal” – except i am now driving the van to take rachel to school in stead of the suburban.  and that meant we had to dismantle my ‘show van’ and convert it back to a more conventional setup.  we only installed one of the two seats – and the wrong one, at that.  we had all of about 10 minutes before the security alarm was due to become active at the storage place!  we took the seat that was on top – and they looked the same as far as we could see.  not quite.  but, still works – for now.  just had to put the carseat behind the driver’s seat.  just as well – no door on that side.   so – i finally walked today.  thought i’d only do a mile, but went sailing right past that 1/2 mile marker without thinking – headed for the 1 mile.  duh!  somehow forgot it’s also a mile back! ^_^

now, as promised – applique ‘news’ etc.    i finished another mini to frame – in preparation for going next week to whatever galleries to see if i can place some on consignment.  i set the one aside that i have been forcing myself to work on – decided i might have better luck on another.   here is the picture of the one i just don’t like so much.  i love this design – i’m just not fond of these fabrics.  this was something i started while teaching in martinez – in order to keep busy and make progress, etc.  the more i sewed, the less sure i became about it.  still, have now put enough time into it that i am determined to finish and just hope someone likes it!










my problem is that both fabrics are ‘busy’ and that doesn’t work so well for me.  still, it is the most popular design, so who knows.










i am happy with this one.  these dark colors would work nicely for a man – in a den or office setting, perhaps?  and the ginko design is certainly suitable.

today i am going to choose fabrics for 3 more of them.  that way, if i get bored with one, i switch to the other.  part of my problem is i’m not all that fond of doing the same thing over and over!  at least not more than twice in one year. ^_^

before i begin posting mostly applique stuff, i thought i’d share these pictures i had forgotten about.  the first is what you would see as you entered the aisle in which my booth was.  i was at the very back of the room, so you are facing the front here.  yes, the aisle IS so long you cannot see the other end!







i think it is either just before opening or just after – before anyone made their way to the back.  it often took awhile for them to get to us!








and if you chose to stop and look – this is what you would see in my booth.  this space is only 6′ x 10′, not the usual 10×10 – so things are a bit cramped!  if i do this again, i will skip market and do a full booth for festival – i think???  very big IF!! ^_^

next post will be purely applique.  so don’t  go way.

love and beauty

the long awaited day 3 and beyond – i think.  been so long now, i hope i can find the right pictures.  i believe i actually stored then in a folder called ‘houston’ – just in case.


the (final) rest area just north of bakersfield, on hwy 99, to be exact.  as in – in calif!  and now i will insert pictures of my home on wheels.  no, not the rv – didn’t take that one this time. 

in-thru-side                               out-thru-backcloser-in-thru-side  

the first two are taken from the outside on the (slider) side, and the third from the inside looking out back (with curtain installed)  next will be out the front and in from the back.  pretty funny.

out-thru-front in-thru-back  and that’s how a quilting ‘roadie’ travels. ^_^

need i say i am very glad it is over??  and now, dear readers (as my author friend keeps saying in her journal emails from england) – it is time for me to finish the second sample i’m doing to send to fons and porter – yes, the magazine.  sure am hoping she likes at least one of them.  shared them with my students today and they really liked one of them.  other one just ‘ok’ – not their style, etc.  wish me luck!!

love and beauty  www.artfullyapplique

i am determined to get some work done today, so will make this part short and just post the pictures.  will say, as i look out the windows – even here in calif. the leaves have turned shades of yellow, rust and a springle of ‘red’ here and there.  and it has been raining.  looking a little like it right now – at least not bright and sunny.


this is the rest area in which i had spent the night.  it’s also the welcome/info center as it’s just across the border from texas.  i was very happy to arrive there.  i was tired and it felt like real progress to have gotten out of texas in one (long) day! ^_^


several hours later i was about to cross another state line and enter into arizona.  thought i was closer than this, but then, it is just a cellphone camera!


for those of you back east – these signs are common in rest areas out this way. ^_^


thar’s gold in them thar hills!  yep, that’s a california sunset, even tho i don’t think i had yet crossed the official border line.  i drove for many more miles after this.  tomorrow’s pictures will be of the rest area just north of bakersfield where i eventually laid down my weary head!!  i will also post the pictures i took of my (little) “home on wheels”.

love and beauty

as promised, here are some of the pictures from the trip home.  i will do one day at a time.  the first one is just to show how different the sky looked – lots of clouds.  not threatening or anything – very pretty;  just not wide open blue like on the way to houston.   what i wasn’t able to get pictures of is what happened later – at dusk and beyond!  some of these nice little clouds did gather and get dark and i could see the rain falling off to the south – those lines that go from clouds to ground.  and then – some very amazing lightening bolts that appeared to head straight to the ground.    at one point the road turned so that i was facing directly into it all and one flashed – got a jump out of me! ^_^


the next two are sunsets.  it was after this that i could see the rain to the south.



tomorrow i will post the day 2 pictures which begin in new mexico, just across the border from texas.  all of these pictures were taken with my cellphone.  pretty amazing!

love and beauty

sometimes i am easily confused.  just spent some time attempting to locate the quilt pictures i thought i had already stored in “my pictures” – so i could post them here.  problem is – that was the laptop i was using.  so they arent’ here.  not altered – just still there in the emails.  soooo, i did re-alter one, but now not sure if i already posted it.  yes, i could go look before doing this, but what the heck – it’s beautiful and worth a second look.  and i promise i will download the trip pictures and put together something over the next two days.  before i forget it all! 


and now i will sprint thru the rain up to the big house for dinner and hockey game.

love and beauty

as i surveyed the yard and (primitive) gardens around the cottage i found this “last rose of summer” flower.  ok, it’s not really a rose – just using that ‘figure of speech’.  this is probably the biggest blossom that plant had this year – rather like those first ones i cut that eventually became the models for my pattern design.

i was also surprise to find the ginko tree still dressed in her fall splendor!  one morning soon i will look out and she will be nearly completely naked, having dropped all that color over night.








perhaps i should have taken this earlier?  that shadow was not nearly that noticeable to the naked eye.  still, rather dramatic, i guess. ^_^








i think the sun is just not so bright these days – in my yard.  has fallen below the trees to the south.  it’s not that late in the day, only 1:30.

love and beauty

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