December 2008

we are safe and housed for one more month – and still have water and electricity. that’s a good thing. a little chilly these days.
thank you to those who helped – and please, continue to pass the word, if you would. still don’t know how we are going to pull this off. so keep those prayers going. ^_^

love and beauty

God Bless us, every one! ^_^


love and beauty

these are the thoughts that came to me during and just after my morning journaling practice.

Maybe we are at a moment of Spiritual Evolution as a race – because, until now we have misinterpreted our Divine Urge for ‘Expansion’. As a race at it’s level of development we turned the Divine Urge into a belief. And beliefs operate at the level of doing and having, and are, by nature ‘false’. So, the urge for ‘expansion’ for Spirit became the ‘need’ for more at the level of doing and having – more stuff, more fame, more status, more, more, more. At any cost. That belief has now been driven to extinction and we must evolve.
We are evolving into the Truth of Expansion which is about becoming “more”. Evolution by its nature requires transformation, which may look like the ‘death’ or disappearance of some ‘things’. And at the individual level, that disappearance/change can look a lot less than wonderful.

Some of us seem to be caught in that part of this evolution – and are in ‘real’ danger of losing our homes, have already lost our jobs, etc etc etc. So, I am trusting in TGW (The Great Whatever, as my writer friend calls It).
As I sat in my chair my eyes were drawn to these wonderful flowers I had brought in from the yard. And I couldn’t help but think – how DOES that happen? How does that little brown bulb turn into these beautiful and complex flowers and leaves – every year at this time???? How DO we humans think we really know anything??? How could we ever believe WE are ‘in contol’ here? my my


love and beauty

now i am really scared. the dealership has closed and that means two more people out of work. my son and his wife. not to mention me – since i have no shows right now. and from the looks of things, i need to find a job – NOW!
so, please please, if you can – go to the website and place an order. OR – if you are in the sacramento area – do you have a job for any of us??? there will soon be a 70 year old woman, a 5 year old and a pregnant woman on the street. i have gone thru a lot in my life – did not expect to be in this position at this age! makes one wonder what the heck is the purpose of it all?? is there anyone out there????

i just want you to know i am truly grateful for those who have contributed by ordering my patterns. i only wish i could say that the danger has passed and all is obviously well. (i know it is, it’s just not quite fully apparent right this moment). we are going to make it thru this month, and i can only pray that the loan modification goes thru soon. but, even if it does – i suspect we are still in the soup a bit. and so –

my plea remains active.

if you are a quilter, or a lover of applique, or know someone who is – PLEASE, do go to the webpage below and take advantage of my current “sale”. i promise you – even ordering just one pattern will make a difference in the lives of my family.

God Bless you and Happy Holidays

love and beauty

i have finished the jeans rag quilt and thought i’d post the pictures in case anyone was curious.  i am satisfied.  didn’t wash it – i think it would be too heavy for my normal top loader washer.  needs to go to laundramat and use a front loader meant for big or heavy loads.  i  did wet the edges and used my dryer – making sure to clean the filter every 15 minutes.  once it was dry, i did another 20 minutes using just air.  has at least begun to be ‘raggy’.




even tho i chose to stop at 12 blocks, as you can see, it still covers a double bed.  decided it would be a better size as i expect it to be used more as a ‘snuggle’ quilt – for tv, etc.  the blocks are 18″.  i think if i were to make another using this method, i would just use all flannels.  this one is kinda heavy – i mean it weighs a lot! ^_^




if i had made the decision earlier, i probably wouldn’t have used the neutral flannels.  i now have three 19″ sqaures of red, white and blue that are more fun than the plain ones.  darn.

once again i do wish i could figure out how to make this work here where i am typing.  really hate what has been done – can only see part of this area where i am typing.  other things on top of it and i can’t get them to move – at least not to stay moved.  grrrr

love and beauty

onward and upward, i say!  i am still clinging to that mustard seed of faith and trust that we are safe and secure in our home.

one note here about this blog – nothing you can see as a reader, but ‘they’ have made some changes in the format that just don’t work!!  for instance. on this screen/window where i am typing – right about now (then) i could not read what i was typing as it was under the other half of the stuff on the screen.  like overlapping columns on the page!  annoying.  i’ve tried everything i can think of – just stupid, that’s all i can say.  and cannot even find a ‘help’ link.  is no one else having this same problem????  ok, so there is a help link, but i think i went there and didn’t find what i needed.  perhaps will try again once i post this.

i am planning to finish erv’s quilt today and will post the picture tomorrow.  looking ‘good’ – sure hope he likes it.

love and beauty

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